Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a layered pastry of cultures millenia old: of rambling Roman walls and steroidal Medieval grandeur. Of promenades below palms and fish-scoffing sessions for all the family, while beach breezes play with the tablecloths. In quiet squares, the days inch by like shadows across sundials, and life among generations plays out without artifice.

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Seville, Spain

The pageant of Seville unfolds in the shadow of La Giralda, still the loftiest tower in Spain. It's size and the ostentatious play of its arches and arabesques make it the perfect symbol for this city, full of delightful excess and the romance of Southern Spain.

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San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is the undisputed queen of Basque resorts, with its chic La Concha Bay resort. The deep and sparkling still aqua of the bay and beautiful beach area bounded by lush, rolling hills has drawn celebrities and sun lovers to the mild winters and hot summers for generations.

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Pamplona, Spain

Yes, this is the town of the "Running of the Bulls", one of the most famous events in all of Spain. The Great American writer Ernest Hemingway loved Pamplona for this spectacle which is part of the popular festival of Sanfermines.

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Costa Brava, Spain

The coastal zone of the Costa Brava begins 4kms North of Barcelona and extends to the French border. It is well known for its beaches and resorts, with a scenic and rugged coastline featuring a succession of coves, cliffs, and mountaintop lookouts.

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