The Showcase School
Great photography classes, including digital editing. Located in Atlanta, Georgia

Global Hopkins
Mike Hopkins’ most amazing adventures. Where can we sign up for that travel schedule?

Airline Quality
Your travel agent is putting you on Ariana Afghan Airlines? Check them out on this site (really, check them out, pretty amazing stuff)! The passenger comments make it all worthwhile, and make me thankful!

Location! Location! Location!
If, for some reason you have stumbled across this site and will not be travelling in First Class, find out if they gave you the middle seat again. This site will tell you the seat configuations of your plane and let you know where the desirable seats are. However, the site wont tell you where the screaming baby is or where the 350 pound man will be sitting.

Tips from the people who have gone there before you.
Have you ever wanted some candid opinions about a destination, hotel, or airline? Check out their “Rants and Raves” section.

Travel Girl Magazine
You know, this arrived unsolicited on my doorstep, but what a gem. Where else can you get the low-down on where the women of Wisteria Lane or Sex in the City would go for a vacation (yes, the fictional characters). Also, informative travel stories, such one in Botswana, where after several glasses of chardonnay at sunset, mountain gorillas were heard in the distance. Sound must travel a long, long way from the Congo to Botswana (or that’s some strong Chardonnay).

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